Rob Parker: Stop Acting Like Matthew Stafford is a 'Great' Quarterback

Will Blackmon: “I put Matthew Stafford in that tier with Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen as a guy who can sling the football wherever they want. That’s the type of player he is.”

Rob Parker: “I think Matthew Stafford is way OVERVALUED. I watched his career from day 1, and he never beat any good teams, and they never won a division. People wanna say ‘WELL, BLAME THE LIONS!’, but he played with a first-ballot Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson, they had Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley with the fifth ranked defense one year. His record against teams over .500 is 10-66! People on Detroit radio called him ‘Stat Padford’, because a lot of his numbers come after they’ve fallen behind 2 or 3 touchdowns, and defenses soften. He’s NOT this great quarterback that people keep acting like it was not his fault, and everything that happened in Detroit was everybody else’s fault except Matthew Stafford's. This guy was the first overall pick in the Draft and he hasn’t won a playoff game in a DOZEN years.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker get into a heated debate with Doug Gottlieb and former NFL player Will Blackmon, as Rob says he’s tired of all this hype raging behind Matthew Stafford’s trade to the Los Angeles Rams, as Rob says ‘Stat Padford’ is not this great quarterback that people keep playing him up as.

Check out the debate above as the three guys go at it.

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