This Week's Weird News 5/29/20

A curious 'giant' spotted in Mexico, a trio of Bolivian boys and their ill-fated attempt at becoming Spider-Man, and an appearance by Bigfoot in a real estate listing in California are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

In a jaw-dropping story out of Bolivia, a trio of boys hoping to acquire superpowers let a Black Widow bite them! As one may have surmised, their inadvisable quest for fantastic abilities was inspired by the origin story of the comic book character Spider-Man. However, unlike Peter Parker, the kids did not become superheroes and, instead, found themselves stricken with fevers, body pains, and tremors due to the spider's powerful poison. Fortunately, they managed to recover from the misadventure following a trip to a nearby hospital.

A pair of paranormal icons popped up in some pretty unexpected and amusing places this week. First, the legendary Bigfoot was enlisted by a real estate agent to add a little color to his listing for a home in California. The online ad, which went viral shortly after being discovered, featured 'Sasquatch' lounging around in the abode and even, in one photo, practicing yoga. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, a creative man affixed a rather sizeable alien doll to the trunk of his car with a message imploring 'Earth People' to have patience during these troubling times and assuring the world that "this will pass."

By far the most baffling story of the week took place in Mexico, where a family on a communal piece of farmland near the city of Ciudad Valles spotted a strange entity atop a hill that one witness described as resembling a tall, thin 'giant.' The bewildered onlookers managed to snap a photo of the enigmatic being, but discerning what exactly it is has proven to be a particularly difficult task. Some suspect that the eerie visitor was a Bigfoot or perhaps even an alien, while others argue that the oddity in the image is merely something prosaic, such as a tree, that looks monstrous from a distance.

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