Woman Humiliated After Epic Birth Congratulations Fail

It's hard to scroll through Facebook without seeing photos of people's babies, and sometimes, like when someone has just given birth, it's nice to comment on the post. But one woman in Australia really put her foot in her mouth when she commented on her pregnant friend's post, thinking the woman had given birth - the problem was that the post was about a baby wombat.  

The pregnant woman wrote about how sad she had been to see so many wombats killed by drivers on the road near her home. That day, she saw a mother wombat and all but one of her children dead. She posted a photo of the tiny, young wombat she rescued, and that's what her friend mistook as a newborn baby, commenting: "OMG congratulations! He's beautiful. I miss you so much."

A comedy writer caught the whole thing and posted screenshots of it on Twitter with the caption, "Facebook is f***ing wild." 

It took eight hours for the woman to realize her mistake and when she finally did, she followed it up writing, "FACK I DIDN'T LOOK PROPERLY. I THOUGHT YOU'D HAD YOUR BABY. I'M SO SORRY. OMG."

The best part came next when she tried to then casually sweep her faux pas under the rug and ask, "So when are you due?"

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