Ron Burgundy Offers To Be Kamala Harris's Running Mate On His Podcast

To kick off the second season of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, the legendary Ron Burgundy and his producer, Carolina, are interviewing presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris, who Ron thinks is running in the year 2200. Ron is no stranger to important interviews; last season he talked to Peter Dinklage, Deepak Chopra, and RuPaul. Even so, Carolina warns Ron that this was an extremely hard interview to get, imploring him to use the policy questions she wrote for him, but Ron dismisses her worries: “I’m just going to wing it,” he says. “I’m throwing out the notes, folks. I’m going rogue...Up next we of the most esteemed guests that we’ve ever had on the show. Senator, former Motley Crüe bandmate, and presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.”

Kamala quickly corrects Ron, saying she’s never been a member of Motley Crüe “in this life,” but that she did play many musical instruments when she was in high school, including the violin and the vibraphone. Her favorite? The kettle drums. “You're in the back and you've got these big batons and these huge drums in front of you, and you just knock the s**t out of them,” she says. Another thing Ron learns about Kamala is that, when she was district attorney, she wasn’t required to take legal snack breaks. “What was hard about that job?” Ron wants to know. Kamala tells him that because she specialized in prosecuting child assault, it was difficult to see “some of the worst of human was rough stuff. But there were highlights,” she says. “You know, people say you’re either soft on crime or tough on crime. I’d say, ‘No, let’s be smart on crime.’” So she started an initiative to offer jobs and counseling to low-level drug offenders, looking at prevention, rather than punishment, as the priority. “When they graduated the program, I dismissed the charges against them...when you give people the opportunity to reach for something, they will naturally reach for it,” she says. “So there were highlights.” 

Later, Kamala became the attorney general for the state of California, and Ron asks what branch of the military that is. She gently explains that it’s not part of the military at all, but rather a part of the executive branch of government. “This is what I love about this podcast,” Ron says. “I learn as much as the audience does. Sometimes more.” However, Kamala has spoken out against the militarization of the police, she points out, so Ron isn’t too far off. “It wasn’t the worst question you’ve ever been asked?” Ron asks. “Like in the top ten?” She admits that it was pretty close.

Ron was planning to run for president himself, he says, but fundraising hasn’t been going well: “I put out some feelers...Well, people got in touch with me and reminded me that...there are debts that I owe them,” he said. “I raised negative $15,000.” But could he possibly become Kamala’s running mate? “Everything is on the table for consideration,” she says, to which Ron replies excitedly, “That’s not a no!” 

Tune in to learn more about the senator's past and policies, whether or not Ron can sue Carolina for not getting him a Catamaran boat for his birthday, and if Kamala will go for Ron's new proposed cabinet position, Minister of Cool Cars, in this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

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